Kindness Rocks for Paige

Pay Paige’s Love and Kindness Forward – One Rock At a Time

Sometimes the world gives us a small sign of encouragement, right when we need it the most. 

We are paying Paige’s love and kindness forward by creating kindness rocks and spreading them far and wide for others to find and be inspired by or provide encouragement. 

One rock, one person – collective kindness. It’s what we all need.

We invite all to participate. Please create and spread your own Kindness Rocks for Paige. All you need are rocks, some supplies and love:

  • We suggest using Paint Pens (Sharpie or other) and Acrylic Paint.
  • Decorate the rock with inspirational quotes or sayings.
  • Write #smileforpaigey on the underside of the rock.
  • Finish by spraying the entire rock with a clear coat spray sealer.
  • Spread the rocks around on hiking trails, woods, beaches or anywhere you like for a stranger to find.
  • Please take a picture of your rocks when leaving them and have geotagging turned on for your phone.
  • Post the pictures on Instagram or Facebook and be sure to tag #smileforpaigey
  • We will be tracking the tagged pictures to see how far Paige’s love has been spread

Thank you for continuing to keep Paige’s memory and love going and for helping to bring joy and inspiration to others!