Paige was a beautiful person who’s kindness and love was spread through her shining smile and helpful character. Since receiving her black belt, she could often be found teaching other students and encouraging their growth. Through this scholarship we hope to spread her kindness and competitive spirit.

We are pleased to announce that Mariel Mustello has been selected to receive the first Educational Scholarship on behalf of the Paige J. Batten Memorial Scholarship Fund in the amount of $2,000!

We commend Mariel for her hard work, determination and outstanding character.  A full-time student at Nazareth College, Mariel studies both Physical Therapy (DPT) and Psychology.  Mariel is a dedicated Tang Soo Do student and instructor with 16 years of training and was promoted to the rank of Sa Bom in October 2019.  Her impressive accomplishments include placing Top Ten in the World on the North American Sport Karate Association circuit in forms and sparring, founding a food pantry on her school campus and volunteering with her school gerontology and physical therapy clubs.

We are proud of Mariel’s persistence and positive attitude.  Mariel believes in the importance of turning negative situations into positives in order to cultivate learning and growth and the importance of giving back and making a difference in others’ lives. 

Congratulations to Mariel and a big thank you to all who applied.  We encourage all those who qualify to apply this December for the 2021 school year.