Paige Jordan Batten was a beautiful, kind-hearted soul, taken from us all too soon. 

Paige accomplished many things and touched countless lives in her 14 years. A compassionate and empathetic friend, Paige was accepting and loving and truly possessed a heart of gold. She was polite, thoughtful and always willing to help people in need. She cared deeply for the ones she loved and would always go out of her way to ensure her friends and family were happy and at ease. With a quick wit and sense of humor, Paige could brighten up a room while lifting the spirits of others. She never failed to entertain and spread her contagious smile and laughter to those around her. 

Although a talented and accomplished young lady, Paige was always humble. She had a true passion for life and was easily pleased; happy to be included in any activity and grateful for all she had. One of Paige’s proudest accomplishments was earning her black belt in Tang Soo Do. Paige was dedicated and passionate about karate and enjoyed teaching what she had mastered to her younger peers. Paige also enjoyed years of playing soccer as the team captain and goalie where she demonstrated her bravery, confidence and concentration. 

Paige’s musical talents included: studying violin, picking up melodies on both piano and harmonica and having a beautiful singing voice, although mostly too shy to share it. Paige was a top student in advanced classes, despite having an aversion to homework. She loved spending time with her family and was a wonderful big sister.  She enjoyed a large pallet of musical genres, Harry Potter, Marvel and desserts of all kinds.

Paige will forever live on in within our hearts. She has inspired those that knew her to be more “Paige-like” and to live in the moment as she did. The world would be a much better place if we all had the patience, kindness and compassion of Paige.          

We will always do our best to #smileforpaigey.